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  1. The Society is called The Fuente Old Guard Golf Society
  2. The Society’s aim is to provide competition, social events and organize golf matches for the benefit of members in a friendly, sporting and courteous manner at the most competitive cost.
  3. Individuals will be permitted to join the Society regardless of race, colour, religion or gender.
  4. we will donate the sum of 250 euros to charity ,nominated by the captain,each year.


  1. The management of the Society shall be vested with the elected officers consisting of: Captain, Vice -Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Handicap Secretary, vice secretary/treasurer all of whom shall be elected at The Annual General Meeting.(AGM)
  2. All officers, with the exception of the Captain and Vice-Captain shall retire bi-annually but shall be eligible for re-election. The Captain and Vice-Captain hold office for 1 year only. At the end of this term the Captain may assume the honorary role of President of the Society and the Vice-Captain assumes the position of Captain.


  1. The financial year of the Society shall close on october 31st  every year.
  2. The Treasurer shall: a) Produce a Balance Sheet for the AGM suitably checked  by a audit meeting of a least  four  members plus  the  treasurer.         

       b) Provide members with a financial position statement at the end of each quarter

  1. Membership fees shall be fixed at the AGM.
  2. Society funds will capped to an average balance of 750 euros which will be held on trust with the secretary,captain and treasurer.
  3. Once accepted as a Society member and so advised, new members must pay the joining fee 20€ (which includes a Society shirt) and annual subscription of 15 euros within one month.


  1. Guests playing in Society competitions may pay a levy of €5 on top of the green fee and will not be eligible to win Society trophies but will be eligible to join after two payments subject to a further 25 euros payment.
  2. A. On competition days Society shirts must be worn. A penalty of 3 points or 3 strokes  will be incurred for not wearing a Society shirt. B. 80 year old members will be entitled to play off red tees.

               B. Players will play in handicap order every 3 months. Special allowances available for Lorca / Aguilon

  1. The maximum handicap allowance for any Society competitions shall be 28 for men and 36 for ladies.
  2. Within 10 days following each monthly competition the Handicap Secretary will issue members with a results sheet and a revised handicap sheet.


  1. The AGM shall be held at the end of November each year and only fully paid up members may attend  and vote.
  2. Nominations for election of officers must be made in writing, signed by the Proposer and Seconder and reach the secretary 21 days before the AGM.
  3. The secretary shall notify each member, details of the AGM and agenda 14 days prior to the meeting.
  4. The captain, or in their absence, another elected officer shall take the chair. Each member shall have one vote and a simple majority shall pass resolutions. In the event of a tie the chair person shall have the casting vote.
  5. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the elected officers or on receipt by the secretary, of a request for such a meeting signed by a minimum of 10 members.
  6. Notice of any resolution to be proposed at an AGM shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder (both of who must be paid up members) to the secretary not less than 21 days before the meeting date. The secretary will give members as much notice as is possible of the date and proposals for an EGM.
  7. The quorum for EGMs and AGMs shall be one third of Society paid up  members.


  1. Elected officers and members shall be re-imbrued for traveling expenses and any additional expenses incurred on behalf of the Society on production of valid receipts or claims.